A fight started about nothing between them.

This street is clear of traffic at night.

It was gross.

There is no one but loves his own country.

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Let her do that for you.

The car continued to accelerate.

Have you been in a fight?


Who gave them all that money?


The baby has presumably swallowed the pacifier.

I'd like an earnest word with you.

Are you afraid of him?


We drank some wine.

What we need is leverage.

What have we done to each other?


They were able to do it on their own.

Stand up straight when I'm talking to you!

I persuaded Those to tell the truth.


I didn't have enough money to buy everything you asked me to buy.

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I think Antony could help you.

Customs will ask for a receipt.

I wouldn't have dreamed of it.

I only have fifty meters of rope.

Did Victoria find it?

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Can you push the door open?


Finally, she chose another kitten.


Motion denied.


Give it a few years.

I usually buy clothing at a local store.

How can you break the news to her?

He lived in Iceland very long.

He just smiled.

He'll understand.

That was a tragic plane crash.

This is a good book, but that one is better.

What am I to do now?

The gap between what can be imagined and what can be accomplished has never been smaller

Plastic has lost his keycard.

The rain tapped against the window.

She will do whatever it takes to find Vicki.

Today is Saturday.

He doesn't know even the proper way of greeting people.

This offer is not subject to the usual discounts.

Whatever you do, don't move.

Thank you for consoling me when I was sad.

It's a direct flight from Tokyo to London.

I want you on my team.

You can't cop out on explaining a price increase of that size by blaming OPEC; that won't wash.

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Harv wanted to quit smoking.

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Don't take it out on me.


He told me that there were many foreigners in Eritrea.

He blamed the accident on me.

Father sometimes took me to his office.


Sho walked back into his office.

We want to thank you for coming.

We've got to get up early tomorrow. We're going on a picnic.

I know Indra likes Cole.

They were not forty children conducting themselves like one, but every child was conducting itself like forty.

Tell me there's a reason.

If I were a foreigner, I probably wouldn't be able to eat raw fish.


The first gasoline engine was invented in the late 1800's.


It's interesting that both of you have the same name.

I couldn't attend the party on account of illness.

He had his secretary translate the letter into English.

He was afraid of the dark.

There's a postcard here.

Nothing is wrong with you. It's not your fault.

Sharada has fallen in love with me.

It's too late to help you.

Bernard will be here in a moment.

It wasn't Nancy's first time to drive a sports car.

He looked as if he had seen a ghost.

I've lived here for more than three years.

Now let's talk about what we're going to do during the new semester.

Our parents are so proud.

In my place, Betty would've done the same.

I might throw up on you.

It doesn't matter how smart you are. If you don't work hard, you'll never succeed.

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I'm busy, otherwise I'd accept your invitation.


It would be stupid to go on my own.


Can you remember anything?

I just read a really good book.

Olaf used to work for our company.

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There's not going to be a party.


Atlantis is real.

I think fondly of my childhood.

I'll ask my brother to give me a ride.

Per ran down the stairs after Teruyuki.

Anyone can do it as long as they try.


Dan survived with minor injuries.

Mikey asked Charles not to go without him.

"Idiot," "moron," and "imbecile" were all once scientific terms referring to specific IQ ranges.

What are we going to do about this?

After Russ wiped the table with a dirty rag, it looked dirtier than before.


Where did they go?

That's a very good suggestion.

Elijah got paid more than he expected.

We were the only guests.

The schedule dictates that this work be done by the weekend.

They made cookies.

They're trying to restrain her.


Don't say such a thing.

Martin and I have an arrangement.

Who asked for vodka?

Pim doesn't know what Alberto wants to do.

I'd like to earn my keep while I'm staying with you.

The audience walked out of the theater, looking bored.

Your parents would be proud.

Now that we are established in our new house we shall be glad to receive visitors.

You should get yourself a new car now.

A man is more or less what he looks like.

Lucifer bent down and picked up the ball.

My head hurts.

Dad rarely gets back home before midnight.

When did Darren get here?

"Shall I close the window?" "Yes, please."

I have a horrible cough and I end up waking up often during the night.

It was already past seven, and the darkness slowly consumed the houses and the streets.

You can't yell at them.

For right worthily hath Phoibos, and worthily hast thou, bestowed this care for him that is dead.


Spock doesn't have enough money to pay all his bills.

Your idea addresses everything.

Daniel is making ube cake.


They entered cautiously.

The permafrost is thawing.

Seenu helped me carry the baggage.


I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your party last night.


Bob is eating his favorite ice cream.

I was afraid that you had failed.

The rent is cheap.

Spudboy said he didn't want anything to drink.

She refreshed her memory with the photo.

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He tendered his resignation.

I expected her to have come yesterday.

He lives paycheck to paycheck.

They caused this.

We must water the flower.


The United States navy was not ready for war.

Science will not solve all of our problems.

What it all boils down to is that we are in the same boat.

I don't ever want to hurt you, Dewey.

Do you know a good apartment?

I tried to convince Alfred to help us.

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, whereas CT stands for Computed Tomography.

Don't rush on my account.

I hear that Jesus hired you.


She's found herself a boyfriend.

Porters often have to walk across the lines.

I applied for a summer internship.

"After all, what does it matter?" thought she. "The dwellers in the Tontlawald cannot be worse than my stepmother."

She ran outside half-naked.

The dog is a faithful animal.

Do you have a husband?

Arthur and John aren't brothers.

When I was a kid I was jerking off in my room, and my mom came in just right at the moment when I was coming.

Sheila sang badly on purpose.

It's open year-round from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


I dealt with it.

Japan's exports to the entire world topped $314 billion in 1998.

Don't be so lazy.


I know that somebody had to do that.

Clyde asked his boss for a pay raise.

Carlos introduced himself to everyone in the room.

What prompted you to move out?

The leader of this country is fiercely anti-American.

Brent wasn't a perfect stranger.

She didn't try to help him once.